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Cotton Sustainability

Zoie Vanderbush

Zoie is a freshman studying Fashion Merchandising & Art

1st Place


Here I am, back at it again!! For those who don’t know, I’ve been crocheting for about 4-5 years now. It’s been a hobby that not only benefits me, but the also the environment. The yarn I’ve used to make this top is 100% USA grown cotton! I chose the color olive, from the brand Bernat using their handcrafted cotton yarn. So not only is this yarn made in the USA (which lowers its environmental footprint), but because it’s 100% cotton it’s also sustainable and biodegradable. Buying clothing that’s made of cotton (instead of synthetic fibers) is a simple way to vamp up your wardrobe, while helping the earth!! Happy customer, happy earth. #crochet #cotton #sustainability #artist #biodegradable #cottonworks #cottoninc #motherearth

Natalie Weith & Jillian Roberts

Natalie is a junior studying Fashion Merchandising & Design.

Jillian is a junior studying Fashion Merchandising & Communications 

Did you know cottonseed oil is used in many of your favorite summer foods? Not only is cottonseed oil beneficial to your health, it is also sustainable. We are so excited to announce that we have paired up with Cotton Incorporated to inform our fans about the sustainability of cotton! From clothing you wear to the foods you eat cotton is everywhere. If you'd like to learn more you can visit www.cottoninc.com #morethancotton

Madeline Ward & Morgan Gaigalas

Madeline is a junior studying Fashion Merchandising & Marketing. Morgan is a junior studying Fashion Merchandising, Design & Marketing

Want to be more sustainable? One easy way is to wear cotton! Swipe right to learn facts about how cotton is sustainable! Tag @cottoninc_ in your photo wearing cotton and use our hashtag #iamsustainable and you could be featured on our page!