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Cotton Lifestyle Marketing

Morgan Collins 

Morgan is a sophomore studying Fashion Design & Merchandising 

There's no other fiber I'd want my puppy to play in! Stay comfortable and playful with Cotton! #cottonworks #cottonInc

Makaia Smith

Makaia is a senior studying Fashion Design 

With the warm Spring months ahead, it's time to shed those Winter coats and put away the snow boots! With cotton products you're guaranteed to be both stylish and comfy. Cotton fabrics are breathable, have the ability to keep you cool, and are soft to the touch. With this, there's nothing tight or scratchy to distract you from having a great time! Enjoy the Spring and shop cotton! #cottonworks #cottonInc

Grace Woundeberg

Grace is a freshman studying Fashion Design 

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Cotton on Cotton? Absolutely yes for a timeless and chic look that makes you look as good as you feel. #cotton #cottonworks #cottonInc #lifestyle #timeless #ootd #love